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A1 Technologies Fasteners

A1 Technologies has been and continues to be the fastener manufacturer of choice for all the top teams as well as other sanctioning bodies throughout the world. For over twenty years since it began to put its expertise to work for the racing industry in the early eighties, A1 Technologies has consistently produced nothing but the finest quality fasteners on the market. From the early stages of production, through the present and into the future A1 Technologies is the exclusive choice fastener for MGP Connecting Rods.

Material choice, heat treatment procedures and design features are all critical in producing a quality fastener. Extensive testing, research and development conducted in partnership with A1 Technologies, has assured us that we have the very best fastener for every application. Moreover, a broad range of testing has guaranteed a precise method for fastener torque and stretch.

For the same reason we do not offer material upgrades we also, do not offer fastener upgrades. When you already are receiving the absolute best choice there is nothing to upgrade. At MGP Connecting Rods we refuse to provide our customers with a product with inferior quality. As a customer of MGP Connecting rods every customer can expect to receive nothing but the highest quality connecting rod assembled with the highest quality fasteners in the marketplace.

MGP Connecting Rods and A1 Technologies; Simply the Best Partnership!