Connecting Rod Innovations for Cutting-Edge Performance and Reliability

Design Innovations and Services

As the leading manufacturer of aluminum connecting rods in the world, the staff at MGP Connecting Rods is dedicated to providing the utmost in customer service and quality products. It is our personal goal to provide our customers with not only a precision product but also a fully customizable product without need for further alteration to fit the application. With a state-ofthe- art facility at our disposal, we take care of the hard work so you don't have to.

Throughout the years, MGP has remained on the leading edge of new technolgies. There are several innovations that we have incorporated into every connecting rod that we manufacture and it is these innovations that set us apart from the competition.

The use of specialized honing equipment and a refined process allows us to produce connecting rods with micro finnished housing bores. We have the ability to hold tollerances equal to or less than 0.00005" regarding roundness and taper. After the connecting rod is pollished, the housing bore obtains a mirror finish.

Similarly, our small end Hard Bore Technology is a micro finish process that we implement to pin fit our connecting rods. Hard Bore Technology provides a mirror finish and hardened wrist pin bore surface. Tollerances for the wrist pin bore can held to less than 0.0001" regarding roundness and taper.

We have the ability to correctly clearance connecting rods for both crankshaft and camshaft interference.

We also offer the installation of AMPCO 45 bronze bushings for certain applications. We stock a number of bushings however some sizes will carry an additional cost and delivery time.