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Honda B18A/B Connecting Rod Set, 5.384 in. Length, Set of 4

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MGP Honda B18A/B Connecting Rod Set, 5.384 in. Rod Length, 0.866 in. Pin, 3/8 in. Bolt Length, ARP L-19 Bolt Material, Set of 4.

Machined from a proprietary billet aluminum material, MGP rods feature massive strength, durability, and precision in a lightweight package. Unique features such as full radial serrations ensure zero cap movement in the most demanding environments and a proprietary MGP Hard Bore small-end process reduces wear and bore deformation.

  • Micro-finishing: Micro-finish processing in the small end bore extends the lifespan of the rod. Tolerance of the wrist pin is held to .0002 regarding size, roundness, and taper.
  • Billet Aluminum: Machined from proprietary billet material providing superior strength and durability.
  • Precision Lightening: FEA Modeled to reduce weight while increasing strength via precision CNC machining.
  • Integrated Locking Serration: I.L.S. system on the rod cap and rod main body ensures precise alignment and prevents cap walk.
  • Washer Integration: Integrated hat washer assembly is retained by connecting rod cap for easy installation.
  • Precision Honing: Journal bore precision machined holding tolerance .0002 regarding size, roundness, and taper.
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GTIN: 00193564426611

Center To Center Length

5.384 IN

Pin End Bore

0.866 IN

Pin End Bore Width

1.025 IN

Big End Bore

1.890 IN

Big End Width

0.932 IN

Bolt Diameter

3/8 IN

Bolt Material

ARP L-19

Rod Quantity